Nothing can remain stagnant in the IT marketing world, especially when considering the perpetual transformation that cutting edge technologies are bestowing on businesses in both the private and public sectors. To be truly best in class, marketers must begin aligning themselves to the sweeping business technology innovations that will soon dominate the marketplace. IT marketers: you must position yourself for the next frontier of IT by familiarizing yourself with these 3 trends that will shape the industry in 2016 and beyond.

Cloud-Based Technology as a Service

This growing trend is requiring value added resellers to deliver customized cloud based strategies and solutions specific to end users’ business demands in hosted environments. According to Tim Harmon of Forrester Research, this dynamic will wipe out the need for infrastructure installations since cloud enabled processes and operations will be offered as a service. Such a dynamic presents the opportunity and challenge for value added resellers to adapt their business models in order to better deliver one of a kind customer experiences.

The Exoneration of Disaster Recovery (DR)

This widespread movement to demystify DR once and for all is allowing value added resellers to convert it into a more straightforward and even conventional offering to attract new waves of customers. Eddie Tsao, V.P. of Engineering at Zetta, states that because of technological advances in capabilities, DR is fast becoming a simplified process. The key to getting buy-in from end users is to change their prevailing perception of DR as a last resort in the direst circumstances. Becoming cognizant of this opportunity can help debunk the DR myth and unlock its hidden potential.

Mobile Integration

The ability to integrate seamless user experiences of the highest quality via mobile devices in the workspace is a colossal trend that is becoming a standard. Consider the fact that in 2016, millennials account for the highest percentage of workers and it is obvious as to why value added resellers must couple this message with their soon-to-be-booming bundle of mobile integration. Give mobile its due diligence by making it top of mind rather than an add-on.

Operating in an ecosystem fueled by innovation requires value added resellers of IT solutions to not only transform the way they deliver value, but also the way they communicate it to the masses of insatiable end users racing into the future. This is where marketers can have a huge impact and by aligning themselves to these trends in 2016 will enable the acquisition of untapped revenue streams that will continue to flow for years to come. Moving forward in 2016, marketers cannot become best in class if they ignore these 3 trends.

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