Many brands have started campaigns around this young medium, so how can you? Here are a few ideas to get you going in the right direction.

Focus on the interactivity of the content
360° videos are still new and haven’t flooded the internet as much as other types of content. Make use of the entire space in the video. In a video that may have a lot of action happening in one area, reward a curious viewer with a wandering eye. Add an “Easter egg” in a less active area offering a discount or a free consultation if they contact you and mention they saw the ad in your video. Create an integrated journey that brings prospective buyers right to your door and have them coming back for more!

Integrate them into your events
When inviting people to an event, use 360° video of a previous event to highlight what kind of experience they can expect. By giving an interactive example of what your events are like, you will probably increase your number of attendees.

Use them at tradeshows
Have a video you can show off at your booth. All you’ll need to do is have the YouTube app on a mobile device and a google cardboard viewer and you’ll be able to transport you visitors to a whole new dimension! In lieu of business cards, hand out google cardboard viewers that have your business information printed on them!

Try a 360° livestream (a feature available on the Ricoh Theta S). You can stream on YouTube or Facebook because both platforms support 360° video and livestreaming. (Check back soon for more information on livestreaming!) These platforms can help alert attendees to what they’re missing at your booth.

Recycle Content
Many platforms, like Google Adwords and Facebook, now support 360° advertising, so any content you create can be repurposed as an ad for your business.

Get creative
If you’re creating content around your data center or cloud services, why not give a 360° tour? If you’re talking about how dangerous it is for a business to not have a disaster recovery plan, create a 360° virtualized haunted house!

Skeptics say that 360° video is just a fad, or that one day the market will be so overly saturated that they will have no impact. Well, I say live in the moment! Try new things and do what’s exciting now to get people’s attention!

Have you started playing with 360 Video? Tell us about your experiences in the comment section below!


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