Let’s face it, this time of year you want to drag out your vacation as long as possible before embarking on another long deadline driven and pressure packed year. Even when you decide to finally hit the office to get reacquainted with your daily work routine and colleagues, you still have to wait a few weeks or so until the B2B universe completely awaken from their holiday slumber and is ready for business.

If you are a proactive marketer, a break in the action signals an opportunity to enhance your content messaging in order to drive higher levels of brand awareness and engagement that lead to better click-through-rates and can provide your sales team with the momentum they crave this time of year.

When developing your content messaging, be sure to use these 5 tips in order to capture your audience’s attention and spark their interest:

Find the most compelling story

The most compelling story is at the intersection between what you want to tell and what your audience wants to hear that they haven’t already heard. While your competitors are focused on promoting business solutions, you should aim to promote business utopia. Promise a lot and deliver more.

Position your brand as an industry expert and trusted adviser

This neutralizes the perception that you are trying to make a sale and helps your audience see you as a trusted source of information and a thought leader that can empower them to make a wise decision for their business. Decision-makers appreciate clear, concise and factual advice.

Align your brand to innovative industry trends and sweeping market forces

To engage your audience you need their attention, and nothing captures that better than the perception of endless possibility to win or lose market share due to innovation and the competition of the times. Good executives obsess over these things.

Become an advocate of best in class solutions

This allows you to educate your audience about the cutting edge processes and technologies available for them to transform their business in pursuit of business utopia. Crème de la crème.

Introduce your specialists

After filling your audience with zealous desire for business utopia and providing them with the recipe for success, introduce them to the specialists who can transform their vision into reality.

Now that you have these simple but powerful tips to enhance your content messaging, it’s time to put fingers to keys and generate the best version of your message to drive demand and make way for some much needed sales momentum.

 Bonus Tip

Because tips 3 and 4 will be primarily argument based, be sure to lead with facts from credible sources, while also showing stark contrast to help your audience visualize the implications. Doing so will help motivate higher levels of engagement.

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