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As we know the mark is changing so our marketing must change with it. We need to make sure we are constantly engaging with our prospects and customers in new ways. that will make people stop and pay attention.  Here are some ways to make sure you are relevant and innovative.

1. Listen to your customers
listenWho knows better what you are doing well, and not so well, when it comes to marketing than your customers? (If you are not marketing to your current customers shame on you.) They will tell you what subject line they liked, why they liked a particular event you hosted, and what they are interested in. Ask them what they have questions about. This will not only help you optimize campaigns in the future but it will help in building those relationships with your customers.
2. Utilize social media
social_ribbonsIf you are not interacting on the different social media platforms, your competitors are. As you can see from our previous blog posts, there are ways to maximize your social engagement. Your customers and prospects want to see you are an expert in your field. Show them but also show them your company culture. Get involved with the community and highlight it on your social platforms. Take some time each week to post relevant content and engage your customer base and your prospects will follow.
3. Different call to action
call-to-actionUtilize a different call to action that really would benefit them. For example ‘Click here to see how trading in your phone system can save you thousands.’ Do not shy away from utilizing play on words to highlight a particular event, topic, or call to action that ties into the solution. Look at what you have done in the past or try something totally new. Go outside the box. Pushing the limits, while making sure you stay true to your corporate culture and brand, is important.
4. Segment your prospect and customer base
pie-chartSegmentation is really important especially when you want to utilize #4 on this list. You can be even more specific with the message and the call to action. Different industries are faced with different problems to solve. You noting specific issues or topics directly, letting the prospect/customer know you took the time to do your research, will pay off.
5. Involve your sales team.
If your sales team is going to be involved in your integrated marketing plan you better make sure they are on board. Show them that marketing is going to make their job easier by doing some of their work for them. Ask them for their input on what their book of business would be interested in. Ask them what really closes a sale for them. Ask them what they would like to see a campaign around. They will appreciate being asked their input, as long as it does not take too much time away from
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