Transparent brands communicate their intentions to the world. Motivated by a cause, they are clear about their goals and do not hide what it takes to get them there. If they make a mistake along the way, they own up to it.

Transparency will help you develop a strong network that backs your cause and shows you undying loyalty. Differentiate yourself by humanizing your brand and your team. Build trust with your customers and followers and strengthen those relationships to transform them into evangelists.

Humanize Your Brand

Yes, a company is a brand. However, many people do not realize that they are brands themselves. A brand is simply how an audience perceives a company or individual. By this theory, you actually have less control over your brand than you may think. Yes, you have a heavy influence on how your brand is perceived, however you are trying to adapt to what your audience wants.

Transparency puts this control back into your hands. You are showing the world who you truly are and where your intentions lie.

Build Trust

By taking these actions you will be perceived as predictable, honest and ethical. You are only human after all; your audience will see your intentions are genuine. This is what truly differentiates you from your competition.

Humanizing your brand makes you more approachable. People will be more willing to interact with you because you share a similar cause. They will be more willing to listen to what you have to say.

In the digital age, your audience has become an even more significant contributor to your brand reputation. They do so through review sites and comments on your website, blogs and social media. The amount of content you’re associated with continues to grow. Positive content generated by your audience fosters trust, allowing you to increase engagement.

Strengthen Loyalty

With trust, you empower your following. They rally behind you and support your cause.  You will transform your audience into brand evangelists. Through word-of-mouth they will promote your brand and increase your presence, accelerating growth.

Loyalty is a vessel that carries you forward. However, it is only successful if your intentions are genuine. As Gary V says, “Doing the right thing is always the right thing.” Do right by the people you influence and they will do right by you.

Wrap it up with Cellophane and Put a Bow on It

In the end, brand transparency is dependent on your intentions. Take some time to identify your true purpose and make a difference. People will see you for who you are, they are not easily fooled.

If you are a shady company, transparency is not the right move for you. Revisit your purpose for being in business.

So be genuine, be transparent and reap the benefits of your avid supporters. If you’re doing the right thing, your audience will make your job a whole lot easier.

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About the Author:

Dan Mott is a content marketer and brand strategist with a passion for building and growing businesses. As a Cisco Partner Marketing Manager, Dan works with Cisco resellers to consult them on their marketing strategy from planning through execution. For more of Dan’s opinions and expertise, follow him on LinkedIn or Twitter @iamdmott.

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