There was once a time when cell phones didn’t exist. You couldn’t take out your phone and have Kung Pow Chicken delivered to your doorstep in thirty minutes or less. Chinese food as you know it didn’t even exist. It was a time when preparing a meal took days of hunting and hours of gathering and preparing. Small tribes of hunters and gathers lived off the land and embraced storytelling as a way of life.

These people spent their nights gathered around a fire listening to the stories of their elders. This was an important aspect of their culture. They communicated and learned through story. It’s how they kept each other safe, knew what vegetation was edible and where the best hunting grounds were. It was the glue that held these tribes together.

Storytelling holds a sacred power, which if wielded correctly can empower you and your organization.

We all have a Story to Tell

Many of us choose not to share it, however. Are we afraid people will not care? So, what? Those are not the people you should be targeting. You will never appeal to everyone.

Storytelling is a content marketing tool that is equally as important today as it was centuries ago.  People are compassionate; they want to hear your story. If it is compelling, they will even want to be a part of it and help you tell it.

Social media is a testament to this, think of the amount of time we collectively spend on the internet; liking, sharing, commenting, posting and reading reviews. Content is being generated at an exponential rate. As the amount of content continues to grow, it becomes a game of quality over quantity. This is the reason a good story will be read, shared and if you’re lucky, go viral.

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So how can you Jump on this Train?

It starts with a purpose. We are all driven by a cause. If others share a similar passion, they will help you tell your story. A brand is the extension of its founder’s vision and an audience is the extension of a brand.

Once you have clearly stated your vision and purpose, you will need a content marketing strategy. How will you tell your story and where will you share it? Who is your audience and how can they participate in your journey? They will be your brand advocates who through word of mouth will help you grow your influence.

So share your story and create a journey that your customers can experience with you. Let us know how your story has helped your brand grow in the comments below.

About the Author:

Dan Mott is a content marketer and brand strategist with a passion for building and growing businesses. As a Cisco Partner Marketing Manager, Dan works with Cisco resellers to consult them on their marketing strategy from planning through execution. For more of Dan’s opinions and expertise, follow him on LinkedIn or Twitter @iamdmott.

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