Hello again!  To get a little more in-depth on researching for this blog series on Twitter marketing, I decided to download and go through Hub Spot’s e-Book entitled, “How to Attract Customers with Twitter.”  I highly recommend the download for anyone who’s skeptical on Twitter-marketing (even though hopefully you won’t be after this blog post.)  The e-book is all about optimizing your Twitter to make sure that it generates sales leads for your company, so here are the main points that stood out to me:

  • Using Twitter isn’t the problem.  Of all the social media platforms out there, Twitter is probably the easiest to use.  You type your 140-Character message and hit the “Tweet” button.  Want to include a picture?  Click on the camera icon and select the picture from your phone or computer, then hit “Tweet.”  It’s really simple, and probably the most user-friendly social site out there.  The issue with Twitter is how to get it to be an integral part of your marketing process.  Don’t be afraid!
  • Branding is still important.  Even though Twitter isn’t your company’s webpage, branding is still important (if not slightly more important) on your Twitterfeed.  If your consumers are avid Twitter users, odds are they may stumble upon your Twitter on their mobile phone before they make their way to your website.  Have a banner, a call to action, and a custom background to really draw your consumers in and engage them.  Here’s a great example of a truly optimized Twitter:

General Electric has not one, but TWO call to actions.  1.  To prompt consumers to speak with them by using the “hashtag” symbol in their tweets #askge (if you’re new to Twitter and need some guidance with the terminology, check out CopyBlogger’s Ultimate Guide to Twitter, AWESOME resource.)  2.  Their website is right underneath the short bio and is the first link consumers see when visiting their page.  Not to mention, they have a custom background which is a big plus in the Twitter world.

  • There is such a thing as Twitter SEO.  And it’s important.  Try to leave the numbers off of your Twitter name, as those are more likely to get filtered out in search results.  Also, Twitter gives you 160 characters to write a short bio, so use those characters wisely!  Take another look at GE’s Twitter.  They blatantly state “Solutions for energy, health, home, transportation, and finance,” perfect, applicable key words.  It is also important to gain some high-profile followers to also aid with the optimization and legitimacy of your Twitter.

This is a lot to take in, but if you’re not utilizing Twitter yet, you’re missing out.  It may take a little while to get a firm handle on and start generating some leads, but don’t get discouraged.  There are plenty of resources on the web to help you through it.  After all, it boils down to a really great (and free!) way to engage with your customers on a new level, and truly reach out to where they are.  Happy Tweeting!

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