As the most wonderful time of the year is fast approaching, it’s not unusual for people to get caught up in the hustle and fall behind on their office-chores.  Emails may go unanswered for longer than usual, phone calls may take longer to be returned, all because around this time of the year people are busy.   You may think that marketing efforts can take a break here too, considering the amount of “out of office” responses you are forecasting coming your way, and you’d be half-right.

The truth is, at this point in the year it isn’t necessarily a great idea to send out an email blast or try to plan an event, because your return or participation will be less than impressive.  There are, however, a few tactics that you should still execute around the holidays that may even end up being more successful than usual:

Now is the time to UP your Pay-Per-Click campaign:  When I’m home over the holidays, I spend a lot of time in front of the TV and on my computer.  There is something about the gift-giving spirit that makes me want to online shop and look up products all day.  Not to mention, the holiday season also comes with a few deal-searching holidays of its own; Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  As you may remember from our 2013 post, the concept of prospects doing their own research is a very real threat to all of the business owners out there.  Luckily, a PPC campaign can help keep your marketing efforts afloat while people are out of the office this season.  Prospects will have time on their hands to begin researching new solutions and products, so PPC is a perfect solution at this time of year to keep your offerings top of mind.  The other good part is a PPC campaign is very low-maintenance.  Once you do the initial set up, you and your team won’t have to do much to maintain it until the budget you set runs out.

Be Social!  While you’re out being social with friends and family this season, don’t forget to keep your marketing social as well.  Social media is another thing that people will have more of an opportunity to pay attention to when they aren’t busy with the usual hustle of the office.  Social media is also a great solution to the business-lags around the holidays because it is extremely easy to plan in advance.  If you sit down and plan out the posts you want to send, it really simplifies the process so that you can push out content wherever and whenever you want.  If you need tips, check out this article about how to optimize your social media at this crucial time of the year.

Get into the holiday spirit: A lot of our clients like to send out emails around this time to their current customers just to say hello and wish them a happy, healthy holiday season and New Year.  It may not fall under the most hard-hitting of marketing categories, but a touch is still a touch.  Not to mention, there is no harm that can come from reminding your customer base that you’re still around and thinking of them!  It doesn’t have to be fancy with a crazy amount of copy, just a simple well-wishing email.  Who knows, it could go a long way!

Happy holiday planning!  Let us know how it goes!

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