Everything’s bigger in Texas 2012. Let’s face it, as time goes on, it becomes more and more difficult to make a truly valuable impact on consumers.  Even commercials have their own award shows in this day and age.  To truly resonate with a consumer, businesses have to do bigger things with any marketing tactic, especially events.

When it comes to email, direct mail, and social media, the concept of “big” is not as crucial, because as long as your messaging is applicable, you’re still making an effective touch with that consumer, and making it into their buying process and consideration set.  While that’s all wonderful, what do you do about the marketing tactics that require the consumer’s attendance and participation? Put simply, what happens if you throw an event and no one shows up?

This is obviously no one’s first choice of outcomes.  A lackluster event would mean wasted money, time, and energy on your company’s end, not to mention a huge hit to your branding-ego.  So, how do you ensure that this doesn’t happen?  There are a lot of things you have to consider, so think big:

  • Market your event like you market your product. Send an email, plaster it all over your social media sites, and send a mailer with a call to action like a QR code.  Events are one of the most expensive marketing tactics that businesses can utilize, so make sure that people know when and where it’s going on!
  • Make people want to go.  Simple as that.  How many times have you been invited to an event, a group, or some sort of club meeting?  And how many times were you on the fence about attending until you read the words “Food” or “Free T-Shirt”?  If people don’t want to go, they will not go.  Make it fun, free, and exciting.  If you do it right, these upfront costs may be negligible compared to the leads and sales that come out of it.
  • Engage your customers.  Use the fun part of your brain to think of a way to make your client base part of the event.  Have them take pictures and post them to your various social media pages and make the event into a contest of some sort.  Have them post what they like about your product and the winner will win a prize at the event. Send them something they can bring to the event and redeem. Find some way to make them care about this production.

With that being said, most importantly:

  • Get creative, put some thought into it, and make it its own mini-campaign.  Make this a fun event for your customers, but a lead-generating, sales-boosting opportunity for you. Take into consideration what your event is focusing on and figure out an interesting and exciting way to drive attendance.  Have a presentation at a sporting event, organize a golf outing, hold a “lunch and learn” for people to eat, socialize, and learn about your offerings.  Have the customers engage and use your product, or demonstrate your product in a way that relates to your consumers.  If you want to cheat a little—look up event marketing firms online.  Most of them have case studies and success stories, so you can find some great ideas for integrated events that utilize all forms of your marketing.

Events can’t simply be a kiosk at a trade show anymore.  If you’re going to do an event, do it right (and do it big!)

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