Marketing is evolving, but is your strategy? Video marketing has been taking the lead; here are a few tips to make your trip down marketing’s “yellow brick road” a little easier.


Content is expensive to produce, so if you’re going to invest in this route, you want to make sure you get the most out of the content that your purchasing! One way to do this is to use videos that tell a story about what you’re selling. Create demos and post tutorials about how to fix issues that can pop-up. Show people that you have skills and expertise that can be a paid service to them. It may seem as if you are giving something away for free, but it will only help to prove that you are the expert on these topics and shows that you know exactly what you are doing, thus building trust.

Cross Platform Posting and Promotion

Posting your content across Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and especially your own company site allows everyone to see it, no matter what their social media of choice is. Even if you only post a video to YouTube, you can cross promote it by sharing the link on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. Let your followers and friends on Facebook and twitter know that your new video is the out there to be seen and provide them with easy access to it! You can even create a blog post about your new content to promote the topic you cover and let them know a video version is available. The wider you cast your net, the more fish–or customers–you’ll likely catch.

Schedule your Content Library

Now that you have followers looking forward to your next video, keep them happy and produce something that will strike their interest. Developing a content library is a great way to keep an organized schedule of your articles, videos, and posts that your plan to share with your followers. Your audience is going to be filled with different personas, possibly from different industries and unique backgrounds which means posting a variety of pictures, videos, articles, social posts, etc. could be the best way to meet everyone’s needs! If you can offer multiple services that will appeal to a larger audience, you want your to schedule to be balanced. This is your audience but more importantly this is your community! Don’t leave them hanging; give the people what they want!

Keeping on top of trends in marketing is vital in the ever changing world of social media. Making sure your strategy takes into account marketing trends is key. By following these three tips down “marketing’s yellow brick road” you’ll be on the right path to making the most out of your content by utilizing several social media platforms.