This blog post came together rather easily because I am lucky enough to talk with resellers and manufacturers every single day about what it’s like to work with an agency like ours. But, as I prepared the first draft for our blog team to review, I realized it was missing something.

I talked about our focus on the IT industry.  I talked about the processes we’ve created to make engaging with us simple. I even talked about the horror stories I’ve heard from our clients about working with other agencies where they were just a dollar sign. What didn’t it capture? It didn’t capture what really makes us great – our people, and our passion for working closely with our clients to create exceptional digital content.  That’s what’s important, so that’s what I’m going to focus on.

Let’s start by saying that I am one who is passionate about the science of marketing, but have always had just a little bit more of an obsession with the creative side.  When I was in high school, I remember watching the Super Bowl commercial where children laughingly said that when they grow up, they aspired to be “underpaid” and “underappreciated.”  To me it was genius!  What a great way to make adults question how much their current jobs differed from their childhood dreams, and needle them to visit a site like – just to see what else could be out there.  I was hooked.  I envisioned myself going to college, studying marketing, and working with big brands to create Super Bowl commercials that people would be talking about for decades.

As I sit here writing this, I unfortunately haven’t had the opportunity to work on a Super Bowl ad.  But guess what?  I did get the opportunity to build the IMS360 Agency Team.  And in doing so, I’ve instilled my personal passion for memorable content into everyone on the team.  That passion is a big part of what makes us who we are today.

What makes us different than larger agencies? Other than placing a premium on creativity, here are a few of the things our clients rave about after they’ve had a chance to work with us.

  1. You get a passionate leader:  When you work with us, you get an agency that wants to learn about your business, and obsessive people like myself who quarterback the entire process from kick off all the way through final drafts.
  2. It’s about the relationship: Our focus is on creating a stellar experience for every client we touch. That means we don’t do the same somewhat-less-boring thing for every client. We aim to build lasting relationships and, in doing so, create the impactful digital content our clients need to differentiate themselves.
  3. We know what works for the IT industry: Most IT buyers don’t always want to read a 42-page technical whitepaper to get informed about the solutions they are interested in (I do say “always” because there still is a need for content like this, albeit not as big as it has been in the past.) We pride ourselves in being able to make insightful recommendations on disseminating a message through digital content that IT buyers want to consume.
  4. Our people are passionate, and it shows: I will always remember walking up to one of our designer’s desks and saw her looking at an Illustrator file with the phrase “Network Security Solutions” written in over 200 font styles, while agonizing over which one would look best in her design.  That kind of obsession equals passion in my book, and we have it by the boatload.
  5. Hear it for yourself: Our clients like Dave Roskos and Jessica Reed don’t take the time to tell you how great you are unless you do a truly phenomenal job.  We’re humbled by the kind words that our clients say about working with us.  

We really hope that you take the time to review some of our amazing work.  If you like what you see, reach out to us and let’s talk about creating some digital content that can showcase what makes your company different.

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