As marketers, landing pages have become our best friends.  The utilization of the landing page has helped marketers and sales teams alike to get a hold of warmer leads, leading to a substantial shortening of the sales process.  We talked about things to do to improve your email marketing; but what can you do to make your landing pages better?   Is there a way for you to increase the number of landing page visitors that actually become customers?

We did some research and came up with some tips and tricks to help your landing pages turn those click throughs into dollar signs.

  • Make sure your landing page has ONE goal.  Come up with a desired outcome for your landing page and stick to that one messaging and call to action.  The call to action here is also extremely important, because if you fail to have that, you have no goal.  If you have no goal your interested prospects are going to go to your page, read your content, and ex-out of the window.  Sticking to one messaging is also crucial.  Make sure there is a form or something to be filled out.  If your goal is to get them to join your mailing list, or sign up for a promotional offer, make sure the form is there and obvious!  If your email recipient clicks on a link for a financing special, that link better redirect to a financing special or you’re going to lose them very quickly.  There is nothing more frustrating for an Internet user than to click on something and be sent to an overwhelming page with a ton of links for things they don’t care about.  Pick a goal, pick a messaging, and stick to it.  The people who click through and fill out a form or request more information are a lot more qualified as leads than those who only open the email or view your webpage.
  • Don’t bore your visitor.  They clicked through to your landing page, don’t make them immediately close out of it.  Fortunately for you, there are a few ways to do this:
    • Have matching headlines and themes.  People aren’t complicated.  If your email, webpage, banner ad, direct mail piece, etc. have a certain theme or headline, make sure you design your landing page to have that same theme.  Not only will it assure the consumer that they have clicked through to the right place, but it will create a sense of familiarity and shed a positive light on the whole operation.
    • Don’t make your copy too long or too clustered.  No one opens up an email and thinks “Nice!  I wanted to read a novel today!”  If your copy is too long, or looks like a huge jumble of concepts, it’s really going to turn that person off.  Instead, keep it short, and organize it.  Not only will this look more appealing to the reader, but it will deliver the concepts you want to be delivered faster and way more efficiently to their mindset.  Not to mention, it will up the chances that they actually read it, too.  Consider using bullet points if you aren’t already, or center text around related images.  If it’s easier to read, it’s more likely to be read.
    • Make sure your form is in their face.  Please, please, PLEASE, do not put a form to be filled out at the bottom of your landing page.  Why?  Because a customer may read through your copy, and before scrolling all the way to the bottom, close out.  No one wants that.  It’s understandable why you may want a form after all of the copy, but at least combine it with a form that is right at the top of the landing page.  Double team.  After all, you need to remember your goal.  If the consumer passes right over the form, odds are you aren’t going to gain any insight or information into that lead.
    • Put in share buttons and your links to social media.  This little trick can deliver for you in a few ways.  Firstly, your customers can share your landing page with their entire social network with just one press of these handy, convenient little buttons.  This can open up an entire new base for you, and provide your sales team with a list of new leads, outside the original mailing list.  Second, even if the consumer doesn’t fill out the form on this particular landing page, maybe they are interested in what other products and solutions your company has to offer.  Having the links to your social media pages readily available helps you to drive consumers back to your company’s sites even if they don’t bite at the specific offering at hand.  Better than nothing!
    • A/B Test!  Even though most people tend to approach A/B testing with email marketing, it can be equally if not more effective with landing pages!  What will make your consumers more likely to fill out the form to redeem the offer?  What will get the people on your list to sign up for updates and promotion specials?  Test!  Maybe changing the submission button under the form will get more people to fill it out.  What if you had less required fields?  More required fields?  Black and white vs. color photos?  Video at the top vs. video at the bottom? Even the simplest changes in pictures, font, layout, and copy can yield awesome results, so have fun with it!  (A/B testing is a HUGE topic, so stay tuned for our more in-depth post about it!)

Have some other landing page tips and tricks?  Share them below!

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