You've created this great Live Stream
Content on YouTube, now what?

IMS360 can help you make the most out of your YouTube Live Stream Content

Although Live Streaming is a low cost way for resellers to take advantage of the increasing popularity of video, a big question is always, “how can I re-purpose this great content?” Whether you streamed a Q&A session, event, webinar, or training, IMS360 can help you get the most out of the stream video sitting on YouTube.

We offer a Live Stream video editing service ($750) that will give your YouTube Live Stream videos new life.  As part of the service we will:

  • Review the video content and provide ideas for repurposing it
  • Edit the video to condense the content and remove dead space
  • Add a custom logo animation introduction
  • Add accentuations on portions of the screen or content that’s being streamed
  • Add links to other content, landing pages, or visuals that are being discussed in the video
  • Add name, title and accreditation to speakers
  • Add customized call to action scenes at the end of the video for better campaign integration

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