IMS360 was born from a sales infrastructure consulting company. This history allows us to understand how, more than ever before, the alignment of marketing and sales is imperative. This understanding allows us to help you communicate to your buyers in the format and frequency that truly resonates with them.

How are we different?

Our Flexible, Customizable Approach

Our approach is based on the idea of marketing yielding tangible results. This allows marketing to finally play an effective and measurable role in manufacturer and distributor organizations. Our consultative approach also allows for us to align to our clients very specific long-term objectives and business goals and build a customized program

IMS360 specializes in the IT industry

Our sole focus is the IT industry and as a matter of fact, it’s 99.99% of our business.

Our employees are experts

Our training, coaching, and development ensures that our employees are industry experts.

The IMS360 Agency Team

Our agency is IT industry focused and will ensure your partners’ marketing assets are impactful.

Integrating Sales & Marketing

We provide the building blocks for integration – strategy, people, process, technology, and content.

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