Live streaming provides a great opportunity for marketers to stretch the use of the content they create. Check out our last blog on some of the different ways businesses can structure their streams. Once the content of the stream is decided on, it’s important to then pinpoint what platform will provide the most reach.

What is the best place to live stream from?

Whether from a computer or smartphone, there are many different platforms to host a live stream. In my opinion, YouTube is the easiest and most user friendly for hosting pc-based live streams. It also has the benefit of being free to use! For a more in depth explanation on how to set up a live stream using YouTube check out our one pager.

I conducted a live stream, now what?

A huge benefit of a live stream is that once it’s over there’s a lot more that can be done with it. The footage can be edited (cut out dead space, add text overlays and call to actions, etc.) or left raw and then used in marketing campaigns! Here are a few of examples of how to repurpose content:

Email Campaign: You can embed the video in an email that you’re sending out to customers as a way to say “here’s what you missed” or “check out our new service/product.”

Landing/Registration Page: Embed the video on a landing page of an event to show what happened last year or to show what they can expect at an upcoming event.

Website: The video can be embedded on a page on your website as an extra piece of information for potential clients to view while researching your company.

Be creative with it!

There are more ways to utilize recorded live stream content than what I shared above – so be creative. The more you can make your content stand out, the more you will catch the attention of potential clients. Some other unique ideas would be to show it at a tradeshow booth or put it on flash drives and then hand them out as event giveaways.

Just like with all content, at the end of the day the quality and results you see are determined by the effort that is put into the creation. Do you have any stories of unique ways that content was used or need some help making your content stand out? Let us know down below or reach out to us today!


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