In a world that seems to be getting more complex by the minute, it’s important to take a step back and focus on the simpler things from time to time. This concept also applies to marketing–it’s not always the type of campaigns that determines success but how they are leveraged. If done correctly, simple tactics can yield the same or better results than more complex or sophisticated tactics.

We sat down with Alex, a virtual partner marketing manager, to discuss some of his recent partner marketing campaigns. Alex has seen success running survey email campaigns with his partners and we wanted to know why.

Alex utilizes very simple surveys to find out exactly what people want. “End users respond with what is important to them.” That information was provided due to clear, simple language in the survey questions and allowed the resellers to “give them what they were looking for. We didn’t have to guess anymore.”

As with all good marketing campaigns, Alex set expectations for the survey results. “When we went into this initially, the goal was to have a higher than industry average open/click rate.” To give a little context regarding industry averages, “the average open rate that we’ve seen [third party] is 6% and the average click-through rate is 1-2%.”

After running this campaign several times, Alex’s partners were seeing open and click-through rates well above industry average. “When we started to see [the results], it was definitely eye opening” he says. (Here’s a HubSpot article on how to increase open and click-through rates.)

But the campaign doesn’t end there; it’s only the beginning for the partners. Once Alex had collected the survey results, he provided overall statistics regarding his partners’ contact lists and the details for each individual who completed a survey. This armed them with the information they needed to call down on their leads and further qualify any opportunities. Alex said, “It’s made me realize how imperative the relationship is between sales and marketing.”

“We didn’t know how successful this was going to be,” admits Alex. “We now have the numbers to back up that something…simple can be successful.” Marketers don’t always have to think outside the box in order to be successful. Simplicity can be highly effective if the tactic is well planned and, most importantly, executed properly.

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About the Authors:

Dan Mott is a content marketer and brand strategist with a passion for building and growing businesses. As a Cisco Partner Marketing Manager, Dan works with Cisco resellers to consult them on their marketing strategy from planning through execution. For more of Dan’s opinions and expertise, follow him on LinkedIn or Twitter @iamdmott.


Sam Taschler is an animation and marketing specialist that provides creative content to help strengthen resellers marketing campaigns.

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