If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve invested in developing customized content for your business and you’re curious to know how to make that money go further. One way to do this is to make your content “evergreen”. This means it won’t become irrelevant for quite a while, which is something the IT industry inherently makes difficult. The suggestions below can be used to create content that will endure in our industry, regardless of format.

Don’t lead with a manufacturer’s product to promote your solution capabilities.  When you do this, you shift the attention to the manufacturer and their product which overshadows your ability to scope, implement, and service such solutions.  I suggest branding your solution uniquely and including “powered by [manufacturer(s)]” to add their authority without detracting from yours.

Yes, in IT your primary audience is the IT department, but focusing on product features and benefits limits the scope and impact of your solution on your end-users. Plus, frequent enhancements of technology products will certainly not allow your content to be “evergreen”. Don’t miss the opportunity to educate buyers outside of the IT department, the buyers’ whose business units might be directly impacted by your solutions.  Fill your content with examples of what has been or could be done with a technology solution to improve various areas of a business so you can attract more opportunities.

As mentioned before, you want to educate your buyers on all of the solutions available to them. Remember, content is created to be consumed by buyers so they can learn about new or alternative options and make informed decisions.  Don’t create content that will just promote your business, be sure to provide educational content which will establish your credibility and earn you new business.

Your content can serve as a differentiator for you on its own. You can be the company who becomes known as the industry insider and publishes updates in your blog first.  Or you can be the company who always places the company pledge at the end of your content to remind buyers what you stand for. Or, maybe you have a company mascot who provides weekly tech tips videos. Not sure where to begin?  Experiment with different campaign themes to see what resonates with your target audience over a period of time.  If it works, allow it to become part of your brand that people can come to recognize and appreciate.

An infographic can be so much more if you think creatively.  Enlarge it to make it a banner that can be displayed at tradeshows and events.  Print it in black and white and allow booth guests to color it as you discuss the solution or business challenge at hand.  Print custom placemats or napkins that include the infographic information for your next lunch and learn.  Animate it into a video that can be placed on your website and shown at events. This is one example and I’m sure there are people far more creative than me out there who can brag on their unique uses of existing content (brag below!)

Providing a variety of content to promote your products, services, and business is what’s required to be uncovered by buyers scouring the internet for what you offer and it comes at a price. However, using the suggestions provided could just help your content last a little longer so it can continue to work for you. Have you uncovered cool ways to extend the life of your content? Share below!

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