As Facebook’s video uploading capabilities continue to grow, will YouTube be seen as moot? Facebook has been one of the top social media sites for years, and is now competing head to head with YouTube for the top video marketing platform. How do you decide where to post your videos?

There’s no need to debate where to post your video content because both platforms have pros that could be beneficial to your marketing objectives.

Facebook is relatively new to the video posting and sharing world, but a study* has shown that “…native Facebook videos get more reach than any other type of post.” Users on Facebook share video more frequently, proving that by utilizing Facebook to enhance your video marketing strategy, you can reach a wider audience at a more rapid pace.

Facebook makes it easy for partners to reach their target audience, and provides more of a forum to receive feedback. In fact, the comment section below a Facebook video receives more activity then the comment section of a YouTube video. Having the ability to hear from your target audience greatly benefits a partner because they will know if their marketing efforts are working or not right away based on the feedback.

Just because Facebook is on the rise doesn’t mean you should abandon YouTube just yet! YouTube still has a lot of marketing life left in it. Video views on YouTube continue to grow and there are endless statistics proving that YouTube is showing no signs of slowing down. Despite the advances that Facebook is making, YouTube is still the second largest search engine, next to google.

If you’re looking for new followers, YouTube is the place to go to share your content. Video searches are highly utilized on YouTube because most consumers know exactly the type of video content they are looking to view. It is important to use relevant tags, titles and keywords to describe your content because those factors can help ensure that your video will have the best chance of being discovered. Just think; as your videos get discovered, your company gets discovered as well!

So in conclusion, we don’t want you to give up on Facebook OR YouTube! Both of these video platforms have their individual benefits and offer something different and unique to your marketing strategy. There’s nothing wrong with extra exposure so go ahead, post your video content on any platform you desire!

* – Native Facebook Videos Get More Reach Than Any Other Type of Post

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