If you look at some of the biggest, most visible brands on the market, you start to see a common theme.  There is something about their messaging that resonates with us and makes us want to take action. What makes this so compelling?

These well designed campaigns appeal to our human nature through their simplicity, differentiation, emotional appeal and strong call to action.  Follow these guidelines to tell your brand’s story to improve your marketing efforts.


Every sales rep knows to keep it simple, stupid (KISS).  As marketers tasked with enabling the salesforce, you’d think we’d take a lesson from their book.  Think about how many emails you get daily.  How much time do you spend answering phone calls?  With millions of organizations vying for people’s attention, there is very little time allotted to your message, if any at all.  

If your content beats around the bush, you are only providing opportunity to lose your audience’s attention.  Keep it simple and get to the point!


All too often marketing materials talk about the features of a product or service.  How is that compelling?  Specifically in competitive industries, everyone ends up talking about the same exact thing.  How is your ad, your email, your website going to stand out from the rest?

There is a lot of noise in the marketplace.  As marketers we need to develop campaigns that get noticed.  That starts with appealing to your buyers to stand out.  What’s important to them? How does your organization provide this on a daily basis?  This is your story. This will differentiate the value of your brand.


Marketers can talk about a lot, but the real question is what do your customers want to hear? I’m sure you’ve heard the old cliché to stop talking and start listening.  As humans, we are inherently emotional beings. When you speak to someone’s interests, they will start to listen – they become emotionally invested. I implore you to heed this advice and implement it in your marketing strategy.  

Now, I’m not saying stop the presses and end all communications – I’m not trying to get you fired. But it is imperative that we hear our customers.  Get to know them.  Understand their wants and needs.  In doing so we will develop content that they care about – that they will take the time to listen to.

Call to Action

Now that you have a captive audience, you must direct them.  Every piece of content you create, every communication or marketing tactic should have a call to action.  They are listening, how can they continue the conversation?

Make sure the next step is clear and logical.  Multiple calls to action create confusion. Your audience will lose interest if they’re too distracted and your main call to action will be less effective. Focus on the most compelling action you want them to take.

Bringing it All Together

Start by reviewing your existing campaigns against this recipe.  What is missing from your marketing’s special sauce?  Get creative with future campaigns and follow in the footsteps of industry giants.  Check out what they’ve done for some inspiration.  Nike, Coca-Cola, John Deere and Intel are just a few that I recommend.

Of course, no good cook blindly follows a recipe. Let us know how you would tweak our marketing sauce in the comments below.  


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