With all the VMworld buzz, it got us thinking, “what can people attending big conferences do to optimize their marketing efforts?” We sat down with Tina Duggal, one of our digital marketing managers, and talked about how to get the most marketing ROI out of big technology events like this. Here’s what she had to say:

During the Event:

  • Broadcast Major Announcements
    Any new end-user focused promotion disclosed at VMworld should be shared as soon as it’s announced. Blast out the news via social media or email updates to your current customers. When posting on social media, like Twitter, be aware of any trending hashtags the event might be using. Like #VMworld2016!
  • Livestream!
    You can use livestreaming platforms like Snapchat or Facebook Live during the event so you customers are updated on what’s the latest and greatest! (Be sure to check back soon for more livestreaming tips!)
  • Host Your Own Event
    Not everyone can get into the big event, so host one of your own! Something like a cocktail party can be a great way to network. Make it easy for people attending the event, host your event after the scheduled conference events in a local venue, like a museum or hotel.


 After the Event:

  • Highlight Video
    A short video with all the best moments of the big event. This would technically be filmed during, but will have a big impact after for anyone who couldn’t make it. A compelling call to action might be “Reach out to find out what we learned!”
  • Relive the Beat
    This year, Fall Out Boy and Capital Cities will be performing at VMworld. Why not offer a free download of one of their albums for answering a survey? You’ll generate some great leads and build customer loyalty as well!
  • Host a “Do-Over”
    Bring the big event back home with you! New breakthroughs, exciting things you learned, share it with your customers. You can do a big event with food and giveaways, or you can even host a webinar!

Let us know if any of these tips worked for you! Have a different idea? Comment below!

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