You had this great video content created, but now, what do you do with it? With over 40% of viewers visiting a brand’s website after they view a video*, it is imperative that you get as much exposure as possible. Here are some tips to not only improve your YouTube marketing, but also your company’s overall digital presence.

TIP #1: Leverage the Tools Provided
YouTube offers many tools to make your marketing strategy more effective. The site provides analytics to have a closer look at how your content performs. Most importantly it shows you just how much time a person watches your video. If your content is very long and your view time is very short, consider trimming your videos so you get better retention. However, if you notice your videos are being watched to completion, maybe it’s time to create some lengthier content.
TIP #2: Use Annotations and Cards
Annotations help bring people who viewed your content on YouTube back to your own website or landing page. Annotations are very flexible because you can make them very obvious or more subtle. You can even add text to them in YouTube’s video editor.

There are also Cards, which work very similarly to annotations. The main difference is that the links on the cards can be accessed anytime in the video with the information symbol in the top right corner of your video.

TIP #3: Put Your Video Everywhere
With YouTube, you can embed videos right into your company’s website. Share your video content that’s hosted on YouTube through your LinkedIn, Twitter, Blog, Facebook and any other social platform that your company utilizes! The more places you post your video content, the more you’ll be able to spread your message and your brand. The more people who recognize your company as a credible source within your industry, the better!
TIP #4: Help Them Get There
Add a YouTube link to your website and make it easy for your customers to find your content. If your YouTube channel is hard to find, your videos will be hard to find. A company that has a link to their YouTube channel have more success with their videos that sites that don’t include a link.

YouTube even helps promote your other social media and website. Take advantage of every opportunity to push traffic to your site.

TIP #5: Maximize Your Brand Identity
Treat your YouTube channel like another website for your business. YouTube offers a lot of space for your own branding. You can customize your own avatar, cover photo, watermark, and even the preview images on your videos. Be sure to use consistent, but unique imagery. Make your YouTube page feel like home.


Write a company description and create a short company ad. When people view your page they need to know who you are and what your company is about! Give your audience a glimpse of what your company can offer.

With YouTube’s native tools for analyzing data and its interactive calls to action, you can gain greater insight into the customer journey, no matter where they are in the funnel. These insights help drive more traffic to your site, and your video content.



*Google-commissioned Ipsos, Brand Building on Mobile Survey, U.S., December 2015

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