If at this point you are unaware of the PokemonGO craze, then you may be living under a Geodude.  Stories have flooded the news cycles for the past week or so, everyone expressing their own opinion on the matter.  There is quite a bit that this game can do for marketing, but today I would like to discuss how it relates to the basics and how to level up your marketing game.

Gotta Catch ‘em All

You’ll never be the very best if you only catch your favorite Pokémon.  Stop cherry picking opportunities and neglecting colder leads.  If your team has low band width for follow up, target the top leads and put the rest into a nurture stream.  Continue to market to them until they are ready to buy – toss out some Razz Berries before you start flicking away all your pokéballs.

Equally, don’t turn away an opportunity because it does not seem significant.  That lead could turn into a long term customer.  Magikarps are garbage, but there’s a good reason to catch ‘em (for real though, 400 Magikarp candies to evolve it into a Gyarados?!)

Always be Evolving

Speaking of evolution, I already have like 4 Raticates, why do I need to keep catching these Rattatas?  Every time you evolve a Pokémon, you get more experience.  The more experience you earn, the quicker you’ll level up.

You need to start leveling up your marketing efforts!

Don’t be afraid to be adventurous, that’s the beauty of integrated marketing.  Sometimes tactics work, sometimes they don’t.  As long as you gather intelligence from your efforts and it contributes to your overall campaign strategy, you are sharpening your skills and becoming a better marketer.  Additionally, you are creating brand visibility in new places and will have an opportunity to uncover previously unknown opportunities.  You would be surprised by some of the campaigns that do well.

Scope Out your Local Gyms and PokeStops

Don’t be afraid to challenge those gyms because they have bigger, stronger Pokémon.  If you know what you’re up against, you can leverage your strengths against their weaknesses – you will be better prepared to battle them.  It’s time to take down their Charizard with a team of water-type Pokémon.

Understanding your competition will help you better compete in the market.  It’s far easier for smaller organizations to shift their go-to-market strategies and offer a value proposition that competes with the big box shops.

Understand your market.  Figure out where the local trainers go to stock up on items – where are all the local PokeStops?  Where are your customers looking for information?  Figure out where your campaign will have the most visibility and write content that is relevant to your target audience.

Nurture Marketing: Hatch Those Eggs!

If you want to see what’s in those eggs, you better start walking.

Most leads are not ready to buy after initial engagement.  Nurture streams are a great way to warm up a cold lead.  However, it takes just that – you need to nurture them.  Continue to provide value to them through education, but be cautious not to be obnoxious.  It is extremely important to ensure your messaging is relevant to them and their needs.

For the same reason you have multiple egg incubators, you want to have several nurtures streams.  Identify which stream a lead will best fit into and count down the steps until that opportunity hatches.

Fingers crossed for that $5M Mewtwo!

You Can’t Catch ‘em All on Your Couch

Don’t expect leads to start showing up at your door, even if you have incense or a lure module.  Successful marketing requires a combination of inbound and outbound tactics.  The best way to catch them all is using your incense while you take a walk in the park.  The same goes for marketing.

Integrated marketing is all about using a multitude of tactics to generate leads.  You want to have strong outbound marketing to build your brand’s awareness and provide continued value to your customers.  In between those touches, you want to ensure it is easy for them to find and interact with you.  This combination will make you easily accessible to your customers while at the same time reminding them of the value your organization provides.

Now Get Your Head Out of Your Phone!

You want to be the very best, like no one ever was.  To catch leads is your real test, to close them is your cause (queue theme music).

Okay, so now you’re ready to get out there and start generating some leads.  Stay consistent and stay relevant.  Make sure all of your efforts align with your overall strategy and ensure everything is measurable; it is imperative to be able to review your marketing intelligence.  That is how you will know which leads are best to hand off to your sales team.

Happy hunting marketers!

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