Marketing surrounds us. Everywhere you look there’s a piece of someone’s campaign. Marketing can penetrate us. Great marketing can even cut to our core and bend our actions. Marketing seems to bind our whole commercial universe together. So really, marketing is a lot like the force…

Is that necessarily a bad thing? We know there are two sides to the force – not so clearly good and evil, but two distinct approaches to harnessing the power. Similarly, there is no good or evil in marketing. Does your marketing strategy sway more towards the light side of the Force, or the dark side?

The light side of marketing can be looked at as building trust with your end users.

Jedi would take a much more rational approach to getting their marketing message across. They would draw in their end users with their knowledge and their generosity. A marketing campaign from the light side would be transparent, geared only to providing information and value.

The dark side of marketing is more aggressive and uses fear to drive end users into sales.

This strategy would align with the ideals of the Sith.  As General Tarkin says, “Fear will keep them in line.” A marketing campaign from the dark side would be very strategic and process driven – each move calculated and used to weaken the buyers resolve.

Use this checklist to determine what side of the market your strategy is on. We believe the proper strategy is a balance of light and dark tactics to help promote trust, but still drive sales!

Annie Mescall - Star Wars

Annie Mescall is a Video Marketing Specialist and prefers the Jedi’s noble path.

Tim Sandford - Star Wars

Timothy Sandford is a Channel Marketing Manager and avid fan of the Sith liftstyle.

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